Thursday, September 10, 2009

Staying Connected

It's really important to stay connected with people especially when in transition. It can be as simple as meeting with some friends or like minded people weekly, every other week or even monthly. It gets you out of the house and keeps you motivated and focused. Sometimes when you're not on a regular schedule, you can lose focus and not be as productive as you could be.

I try to meet with a few people that I meet each week. If you meet at an event, invite a few of these people to get together. It's amazing how different ideas pop up that might lead you in a direction you never even thought of. It also helps with accountability as you share your progress. It's motivating for you as well as the group.

There are many formal groups out there such as and BNI and these are also good resources. They usually meet weekly and you get to know people as you hear their pitch. It also gives you some practice speaking in front of a group and perfecting your pitch.