Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Are You Using Social Media to find or post a job?

Social media is the new buzz word that everyone seems to be using these days. It's basically connecting online.

While a job search today seems to be an employer's market it's as important as ever to research a company to make sure that it's the right fit for you. Social media and online searches are a great way to conduct this research.

Have you reviewed the company's website? Does it give a good impression about the organization? Does it give details about what it's like to work for the company or details about what the company looks for in a candidate? Most companies have the job application right on their website.

Does the company have a Facebook page? You can sign up as a fan and get some insight into the company through Facebook. If you are interested in a company and they don't have current openings if you sign up as a fan you might gain some insight when they do have openings.

It's also a good idea to do a Google search on your own name to see what information is out on the web about you. You can sign up for Google Alerts whether it be on an individual's name, company name, industry or a specific topic. Each day these alerts will be delivered to your inbox.

Linked In is another good resource. You can gain access to people in an organization and reach out to them for feedback about a job or company. You can also gain access by joining groups with access to that company. Connections and feedback are key.

Another good resource is Twitter. Why not follow a person at an organization or the organization itself? What better way to follow a company than through their tweets.

Have you tried Craigslist for your search? It's a good resource that many recruiters as well as companies are using today. It's state specific and there are resources for any other items you might be seeking.

Instead of searching through various job boards have you checked out It's an aggregator that posts job openings from various websites. It makes your job search that much easier.

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