Friday, January 15, 2010

Have You Considered Working for A Nonprofit?

While corporate organizations continue to shed positions, many nonprofits are still hiring. Making the shift from corporate life could be challenging but rewarding.

Here is what you should know about making the move:

If you're at the low to mid level, you could expect a pay cut but senior positions usually pay more competitive salaries closer to what corporate America pays. The money for your budget comes from donations so you might be required to do some fundraising. This might include networking and attending charity events. If you don't have fundraising experience there are many classes and books on this topic.

There might be more job security at a nonprofit as the people who go for these types of positions might also share a common passion or commitment to the cause of the organization.

A good way to get your foot in the door might be to volunteer at a nonprofit. You can get to know the people and culture of the organization and might also gain some valuable experience that could help you make the decision to work for a nonprofit.

There's also a good website that gives a wealth of information on nonprofits to include jobs, volunteer work, programs and events.

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